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Rational Software Architect – Nested Node Instances

Section 10.3.7, Device (from Nodes), in the UML 2.2 specification contains the following deployment diagram (see page 206). Figure 1 – Notation for a Device Clearly, all the nodes in this diagram are instances. With this in mind, let’s try

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Rational Software Architect – Java to UML Transformations

Over the past few weeks I’ve been evaluating IBM’s Rational Software Architect (RSA) for WebSphere 7.5 . Whilst RSA is an incredibly powerful piece of software, there are a number of features that are conspicuous by their absence. Perhaps the

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Installing Rational Software Modeller 7.5 on Fedora 11

Because the installer uses text relocations you’ll need to relax your SELinux settings. Go to System -> Administration -> SELinux Management -> Status and set the Current Enforcing Mode to Permissive. Launch the installer and follow the wizard to completion

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